Useful Language | Unit3 | Elementary | Market Leader by Pearson

Na publicação passada apresentamos frases úteis para trabalho e lazer, hoje veremos frases frequentemente utilizadas na resolução de problemas.

Getting Through
Can I speak to(Jane Porter), please?
Call me back later, please.

Hello, this is(Carl Fisher).
Good morning,(David Seymour) Speaking.

Introducing Yourself
Hello, this is David Patterson, Hudson Motors.
Hello, David Patterson, Hudson Motors.

Stating the Problem
I have a problem(with…)
There are some problems with…

(Oh dear! I’m)sorry to hear that.
(I’m very)sorry about that.

Getting Details
Can you give me some more information?
Which model is it?

Giving Details
The invoice is incorrect
It’s the wrong part/model/item.
There’s a piece missing.

Finding Solutions
We can give you a refund.
We can send you new ones.
I can talk to the manager.

Finishing the Conversation
Thank you.
Thanks for your help. Bye.

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